I have work forthcoming in of Fiddler’s Green as well as Sycorax.

Below is brief and incomplete list of published work, much of which can be read or accessed online.

Poetry,  a very partial list

bonbonMermaid Surgery”,  Monster Verse, Poems Human and Inhuman, 2015. Everyman Library Pocket Poets Series. 

Abraxas, Issue 1. Fulgur Esoterica 2007monster_verse

The Bon-bon and Love Token“, Collected Poems. 2004

The Snake Charmer“, Web del Sol online archives.

Featured poet at Melic Review, 2000.

Online chapbook at Web del Sol. 



coverThe Wintering Party“, Witness, 2011 published online. A short speculative horror story loosely based on the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

The Desperate Ones, a novel. 2006  Bonnie and Clyde meets Escape from New York in a poetically dystopian London.

“Patsy is New in Town”. Absolute Disaster, Fiction from Los Angeles. 1996.abdast


Non Fiction

tigerTiger Seen on Shaftsbury Avenue, 2007, National Gallery Company. Blog excerpt reprints.






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