Writing Workshops

I bring decades of experience teaching writing to my online workshops. I’ve taught at the University of California and Colleges in the US, delivered community writing workshops as well as master classes for the Taibhsear Collective.

Creative Writing workshops with a focus on folklore and ritual through the lens of technique.

Writing Yourself Home

Writing Yourself Home

This master class will be on Sunday, February 27th, at 7pm GMT. This two hour workshop will explore rendering a sense of place in writing. Exercises will centre on facets of setting informed by notions of the Scottish diaspora and an anti-colonial re-enchantment of land, place, and home. Numbers will be limited, with five spaces reserved for patrons. £25. Book your place now.

Writing as Ritual

A crash course in first lines, new habits and starting out. In this workshop we will discuss ways to face the blank page, modes of creating a writing ritual for yourself and as well as warding your practice in the face of upheaval and uncertain times.  Date and time TBA

Second Sight

A hands-on, how-to workshop rewriting drafts. Revision is a way of seeing and it is the secret to powerful writing. In this workshop we will look at techniques for re-visioning– getting a second look at your first drafts and developing all your raw wildings into powerful writing that embodies all your intentions. Date and Time TBA

Ghost missives

In this two hour workshop we will look at point of view and persona in new nature writing. We will shift persona and point of view in our writing and find new ways to speak for and with the land. Date and Time TBA

I got so much from the workshops. The whole thing about recognising your rhythms completely revolutionised my practice! I’m on fire!

Claire Gorman

Writing Yourself Home