Creative Business Consultancy

Story is everything, especially where a creative, micro business is concerned. I can help you create your unique story to enhance the narrative of your online presence as well as your offline “elevator pitch”.

Search engine optimisation, Google Analytics, social media algorithms and e-commerce site options can be overwhelming to consider when starting out. Even if you have an online business and you would like it to grow or work more efficiently, I can help.  Maybe you are a creative, a designer or maker and would like to transition to selling your work online.  I can help with that, too.

My specialty is small, handmade creative business.  I have nine years of experience running a handmade business that started on my kitchen table and has grown to support my partner, my three cats and me.  We have, in the parlance of Etsy, “quit our day jobs” and have the freedom to devote our time and energy to our creative vocations. I can help your creative business dream come true. 

An initial 60 minute consult via Skype or in person is £75.

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