New Year, New Patreon Tier

I have been cooking up a new tier to offer my patrons on Patreon. Members of The Charm Syndicate receive:

  • A guaranteed place in periodic, online writing workshops hosted by me
  • A podcast recording of my visits to Scottish Witches Monuments
  • Access to the entire archive of my writing on Scottish Witches Monuments
  • A monthly New Moon Tale read aloud with a downloadable PDF with custom collage artwork
  • 10% off at my webshop,
  • Exclusive blog Updates
  • Updates about my writing life

 In other news, my short story “Selchie,” inspired by the grave of Lillias Adie and Scottish seal-wife stories, will be published in Fiddler’s Green’s first all fiction issue. Preorders are available here: And the issue is due out in Spring.

I am planning to host a writing workshop via Zoom in March, following on the success of the Winter’s Last Ghost Missives Workshop. Watch this space!

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