New Year, New Patreon Tier

I have been cooking up a new tier to offer my patrons on Patreon. Members of The Charm Syndicate receive:

  • A guaranteed place in periodic, online writing workshops hosted by me
  • A podcast recording of my visits to Scottish Witches Monuments
  • Access to the entire archive of my writing on Scottish Witches Monuments
  • A monthly New Moon Tale read aloud with a downloadable PDF with custom collage artwork
  • 10% off at my webshop,
  • Exclusive blog Updates
  • Updates about my writing life

A deal at $15, available in all currencies and discounted if you subscribe with an annual membership. You can enjoy all this and know that your support is helping me keep the heat on and soup in my cauldron while I birth this book about our shared ancestors.

 In other news, my short story “Selchie,” inspired by the grave of Lillias Adie and Scottish seal-wife stories, will be published in Fiddler’s Green’s first all fiction issue. Preorders are available here: And the issue is due out in Spring.

I am planning to host a writing workshop via Zoom in March, following on the success of the Winter’s Last Ghost Missives Workshop. Watch this space!

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